Ichi the Killer, Movie Review

I saw this movie one day in blockbuster and I thought that cover looked cool with a guy that had a scared face and split cheeks with piercings holding them together. So today I finaly decided to rent it and see what it was all about. Here is a little synopsis off the back of the box:

"Welcome to a world where violence is a virtue and depravity is a way of life. This is the underside of Shinjuku, and the home of Kakihara, a sadistic killer. He relentlessly tears apart the underworld searching for the man who killed his boss. The mastermind behind the plot is Jijii, an es-cop bent on turning the gangsters of Japan against one another. His trump card is a physically powerful lunatic who is constantly on the verge of snapping. This madman is Ichi the Killer, and between him and Kakihara, the streets will run red with blood. Brought to you by Takashi Miike the director of "Audition" and "Visitor Q"."

Now I know what you are thinking, "sounds like a typical yakuza movie" Right? well if you thought that you are very wrong my friend, this movie is a head trip. You see deep into the sickness that troubles these souls, and hear the reasons behind them. I must warn you, this movie is not for the weak minded. The ending is kind of confusing, but I will let you make up your own mind about that. This movie is very original, and has a nice score to go behind it. Approach this movie with a open mind. I think you will be blown away by it.

Editors Note: A fantastic review by skillmastabrett you can get in on the discussion and read his original posts on our discussion forum here http://moviesonline.ca/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=820

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