Exclusive: Freddy vs Jason 2 Updates

Cast updates, potential Blade Director to direct, release datea and more! A supposed insider at New Line tells us that their are even more updates on the set of Freddy vs Jason 2. Both Robert and Ken are still slated to get on board for Freddy vs Jason 2, but it looks like Ronny Yu will not be returning. He had other obligations with other projects. Unfortunate news from New Line, but I am sure that they will work things out. Good company, they will do whats best.

Another cool bit for those of us who are Blade fans is that Stephen Norrington has been approached by New Line as a potential to direct Freddy vs Jason 2. The script was just finished last week according to our source at New Line by an un-named writer who did some final minor re-writes. Filming is set to start June 16th in Vancouver with a release date of 2006.

Some interesting tidbits for you readers, courtesy of New Line. Keep reading, and we will keep reporting as New Line has promised more updated on this film soon! You can read our previous exclusive from New Line on Freddy vs Jason 2 Here


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