King Kong remake - new Production Diary online

Kong is King uploaded a new behind the scenes video for Peter Jackson's upcoming adventure movie "King Kong". It's from the 68th day of production and brings you some really cool news, of how Peter Jackson will show you New York.

For those looking for information on New York...this is the PD for you! Not to be bogged down with filming in modern day New York City, Peter Jackson has created New York on one of the biggest sets ever seen.

Hutt Valley is slowly turning into the Big Apple, complete with Broadway, Times Square, and Macy's! On top of that, the most detailed computer model of NYC has been created using cutting edge technology, and you have New York in New Zealand! Take a look at the New York extras! Alan Lee working with PJ! Broadway..or 55th street...or it is Broadway? The digital Manhattan island!

You can watch the video here.

Source: Kong is King

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