Stephen Norrington NOT directing Freddy vs Jason 2?

A couple days ago we reported that Stephen Norrington had been approached to direct Freddy vs Jason 2. Bloody-Disgusting did some leg work on that report and asked their own contacts about it and are now reporting that Stephen Norrington is absolutely NOT directing.

Bloody Disgustings insider says that it is 150% false that despite what our source says Stephen Norrington has not been approached to direct. It makes you wonder just how much of what has been said will in fact come to be. Here once again is a direct quote from our source

Robert and Ken both like I said have been signed but its now looking more and more like Ronny Yu will not be returning, do to some other projects he has respectively decided to do.  

Now, the good news is New Line is in talks with other directors including Blade director Stephen Norrington.  The script was finished just last week with some minor re writes by a unnamed writer.  Filming is set to start on June 16th in the Vancouver areas once again with a release date sometime in 2006.

Kudos to the fine folks at Bloody-Disgusting for their leg work, and as always stay tuned to see what comes of it!



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