3 Horror Film Reviews for the Price of 1, 'Stacy', 'The Eye' & 'Audition

Today I got another 3 asian horror films that I've seen. This week I have added a movie you should aboid at all costs. That movie would be Stacy. Stacy is one of those horrible, crazy, cooky asian movies that you are always warned about.. Basically a Stacy is a girl between the ages 15-17 that becomes a zombie.. Before they become a zombie they become very air headed and enter a state of mind called NDH, Near Death Hapiness.. In the movie thats exactly how they explain it.. The girls are killed by a group of military officials called the Romero Rekill Unit.. Throughout the whole movie there are little commercials for a chainsaw to kill the Stacys called "Blues Cambpell Chainsaw 2". Yes 2. Almost all Japanese films try to put behind them some message in this movie they try to send home the message that you shoudl tell everyone close to you that you love them before they die... Ok now that you know the meaning behind the movie you can skip the movie entirely.. Lots of homages to some of our favorite films but it is definetlly a steaming pile of poo.. Avioid at all costs..

Next film up is Audition. Now I really liked this film. It is about a lonely man who is looking for a second wife to help him raise his son. So his friend decides that they should set up auditions for his wife.. Only the girls believe they are auditoning for a part in a film.. Well lets just say he made a bad choice.. Very twisted movie... I really liked the characters and the atmospehe of the film is fantastic.. Although I will say it won't be everyones cup of tea.. It does move slowly in some parts and much of it is very dark and foreboding..

Final movie up for review today is The Eye.. I'm sure some of you have heard of this film and the remake with Tom Cruise that is in the works.. This movie has a very original story. A blind woman hears of a surgery that will restore her vision. She gets the surgery and everything is going well for the first few days.. But than it begins.. She starts to have nightmares and seeing the recently dead.. She is then driven on a wild chase to discover whos retinas she recieved in her surgery.. Very good film with plenty of scares..

Well looks like another wrap up of some of the asian films I have come across.. Not sure If'll do another one.. Maybe I'll stick with doing one extensive review at a time.. Regardless I encourage all you guys out there to go check out some asian films.. There are plenty out there that are well worth reading the subs for..

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