New Horror Movie - Day of the Living Dead: Curse of the Maya

When a young couple moves into an abandoned house in the mountains, they discover it's infected by an ancient brought on by the murder of an innocent Mayan Indian family.  Whoever murdered them did not bury them properly.. now the dead are walking.. and they are very hungry.

LOL.  Killing them wasnt enough, it was not being buried properly that brought the dead "over the edge" and back to life.  Hmm. ok. Now have to say, I love Independent films.. zombie movies, and dare I say, when I was a kid "Diff'rent Strokes", and when you combine all three you get "Day of the Living Dead: Curse of the Maya".

You can check out the gore filled trailer here, but I have to warn you - "ZOMBIE BABY ALERT".   Also, be sure to check out the official site for the movie here.

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