Day of the Dead Remake: Why were fans dropped?

Recently the director of Day of the Dead Contagium did an interview with FANGORIA magazine, and in it an interesting point comes up. What is going on with the movie, and why on earth was the official site shut down. The director doesnt know why! Quotting from the interview:

Clavell also mentions that she is unsure why the official DAY OF THE DEAD 2 website GOT closed, but does maintain that fans can expect to see the finished film sometime in 2005.

"Im not 100 percent sure why the webmaster decided to shut the DAY OF THE DEAD 2 site down," she says. "He cited undisclosed personal reasons, which we fully respect. However, for updates, please visit Well be posting there for the time being."

You can read the entire interview here

I was a member of the official site. It was well done, and the webmaster did an awesome job. I enjoyed reading the updates and the cast and effects people were involved in the site. Since the site was killed the news has also dried up and that is not a good thing for the movie at all. Anyrate, interesting tidbit, so who knows what is going on, but I guess Day of the Dead 2: Contagium will arrive at some point.

You can get in on the discussion right here, and the webmaster in question is a member of our site and posts on that thread. So if you want information that is the place!

source: fangoria

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