Battle Royale Review

Battle Royale is a japanese movie about the near future where the government can't handle the kids who are dropping out of school in record rates so they devise this idea called the BR act. They randomly take a whole class of children and put them on an island and wire them all to explode with collars. They give them random bags with food and water for three days and a random weapon. You could have a machine gun or you could have a japanese fan.

The point of the thing is they have to kill each other in three days or else the collars explode killing them anyway. there can be only one winner. This movie is beatifully shot and has an amazing plot. i wish movies in america could be this creative but america is still mired with the politically correct way of things.


These are kids i think their ages are supposed to be 16. the opening shows the winner of last years battle royale and the girl appears to be about 11 covered in blood holding her dolly and smiling to the cameras. It's a haunting scene really. 

I would suggest finding a copy but the movie is not sold in america but if you troll e-bay there a millions of copies and it's so worth it. the sequel is just as good which is a rareity but i would suggest emphatically for everyone who likes movies filled with uber violence and engaging storyline to find a copy of this movie. and plus theres the quiet kid (kiriyama) who is my personal hero in the movie.

Editors Note: This movie is not reccomended for the youngsters out there.Thanks to atarichild for that in depth review. You can check out more info about the movie in the Battle Royale movie section.

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