Dave Dreher reports Creepshow 3 in the Works!

Our favorite off site news Commando Dave Dreher over at Creature Corner reported on his site that Creepshow 3 is in ye works. It came up in chats today and I wanted to share what Dave has posted on his site. He quotted Fangoria as saying:

"Yes, we are currently developing the stories for CREEPSHOW 3," says Ana Clavell, who is heavily involved with the project and served as the co-director/screenwriter on CONTAGIUM. "We will respect the format of the first two films, and well probably make an announcement in mid-February." As for what format the anthology film will debut on, Clavell notes, "CREEPSHOW 3 will be designed for all formats, and we will let the distributors decide where or how to exhibit it."

Read the rest of what Dave has to say right here I have some issues here, namely that Mr. Romero is not involved yet, and without his involvement his remakes always go a bit flat to me.\

source: creature-corner / fangoria

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