New Image from The Corpse Bride Pop Online!

This little gem was included in with the 2005 Warner Bros. preview gallery and I'm sure this is going to be a HUGE hit for Tim Burton.  Here's a look at the latest pic from "The Corpse Bride."

According to our roving news reporter 'deadmanwalkin' Tim Burton has a new stop motion animation project in the works called The Corpses's Bride. Below is the FABLE which Deadman has included which will give us some indication on what this movie will be about

Once upon a time there was a young man who lived in a village in Russia. He was to be married and he and his friend prepared to go to the village where his bride-to-be lived, two days walk from his own village.

The first night the two friends decided to set up camp by a river. The young man who was going to be married spotted an unusual looking stick in the ground that looked like a bony finger. He and his friend started joking about this bony finger sticking out of the ground and the young man who was going to be married took the golden wedding ring from his pocket and put it on the strange-looking stick. And then he started to do the wedding dance around the stick; he danced around the stick with the golden wedding ring three times and he sang the Jewish wedding song, and recited the entire marriage sacrament as he danced around the stick, he and his friend laughing the whole time.

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Source: IESB

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