Rumor: Olsen Twins in Tale of Two Sisters Remake

Well it was recently reported at PulpMovies that the Olsen Twins are going to be in a remake of a Tale of Two Sisters. Needless to say it really had me scratching my head. This is not the first time this rumor has come up, in fact its probly the 4th or 5th. A poster their said the following:

Anyone seen A TALE OF TWO SISTERS yet. I'm told it's already opened in a few cities, and it's coming to New York and several cities in California on Friday (12/17). Then I'm told it will begin a SLOW crawl across the continent making stops in Seattle, Portland, Detroit, and half of Texas!  Pleeeeease see this before it is remade with the Olsen Twins, as currently rumored.

The owner of the site Paul who is a friend and a movie guru in his own right then followed up with

I heard this rumour at the weekend. The current glut of remakes is bad enough, but this left me speechless.

I am with Paul 100% on this one. I think that remakes are getting way out of hand. This is not the first time this rumor has come up. It was earlier reported on our site here

A tale of two sisters is a Korean film about two sisters.(imagine that.. lol) “Tell me about that day,” says the psychiatrist in the sanatorium, “Tell me about what happened.” Two sisters, Su-Mi and Su-Yeon arrive at utopia: an enormous country house by a lake, rustic and wooden, warmed by bronzed 70’s sunshine.

Inside the cool, sprawling corridors of the house lurks Eun-Ju, their stepmother. Part Stepford wife, part Ilsa, Shewolf of the SS, she’s the warden of this perky prison, and things rapidly take a turn into haunted house territory as something shapeless snuffles down the halls and across the floors in the middle of the night.

Su-Mi has been away recovering from an unspecified illness, and now that she’s back the house throbs with unspoken accusations, sublimated sexual tension, veiled references to fearsome past events and shadowy abuse. Emotions are stuffed down until they boil up and explode in seizures and beatings and fits and screaming. Something’s in the closet and someone’s under the sink, but maybe it’s just Su-Mi’s mind, fracturing into pieces and falling into bits.

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