New Horror Movie - Satans Little Helper

It's hard to believe that we actually missed this one. "Satans Little Helper", directed by Jeff Lieberman who returns to the horror film genre after nearly two decades. Lieberman, best know for the genre classics Squirm and Blue Sunshine, crafts a scarily funny black satire that finely transitions a subtle critique of pop culture and the nuclear family into a gory screamfest.

Nine year old Douglas Whooly has decided that this Halloween he's going to dress as the title character from his favorite video game Satan's Little Helper.

While trick-or-treating he happens upon a masked psychopath who tricks Dougie into being his "Little Helper", and the two begin a hellish rampage through the small community of Bell Island. Only too late does Dougie realize that this is all real and his new "master" is a killer who is now after his own family.

You can check out the wickedly cool teaser trailer here as well as the official site here.  For what it was "Squirm" wasnt bad and I loved "Blue Sunshine", so I'm excited to hear that Lieberman is back doing horror films.  As usual, I can't wait to see this one.


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