Pet Sematary Movie Review

This movie is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. I have several reason for this but first let me give you a play by play of what the movie is about.

The Creeds decide that its time to move out to Maine. Where else are they gonna move in a Stephen King story? Anyway, they meet there elderly neighbor Judd who is a real friendly guy. Well on the first day of the job Mr. Creed recieves a dying patient who was hit by a semi. Well when he is left alone with the patient he speaks to him and tells him "The soil of a mans heart is stonier".. Yea odd guy right? If I was gonna die I think I'd go out with a bang not some voodoo bibble babble..

Judd later tells him that far beyond their forests is an ancient burial ground where if you bury the dead they will rise again.. But he warns him never to use it. Famous last words. When the rest of the familys away at the in laws his daughters cat, Church, dies. So our hero does what Judd told him not too.. Buries the cat in the "sematary".. After that all hell breaks lose..

Now this is a really great movie. Not only did Stephen King write the script but you still feel as though he is directing the movie as well. It has that creepy feel to it that all his movies do.

The first time I saw this movie I was about 12 or 13. This movie acted as my Exorcist. It scared me to death. There are still scenes in the film that I have a hard time watching. Particullarly one scene.

Zelda.. This is by far the scariest thing I have ever seen in my horror viewing life.. And I have seen alot of horror films. Not only is the image creepy as hell but this kind of thing probably really happened. Zelda basically has spinal meningitus. Her family kept her in the back room so visitors wouldn't see her. Well Mrs. Creed, Rachel, as a little child would have to care for her. One day when the family was out, Zelda went into convulsions and Rachel was left alone with her trying to save her. Well as you guessed it she didn't.. Now Zelda haunts her throughout the movie..

As a little bonus to all you zombie fans this movie is sort of a zombie movie. I never thought of it that way though.. I was always drawn in by the atmosphere of the movie and looked over that. I know this movie probably isn't liked by all and I am sure that no one is as apprecitive of this movie as I am but it is definetly worth a rental. If it was my advice, I would say buy it.. That is if you don't mind geting creeped out every night when your headed to your room.

Reviewed by: Luke aka Goon

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