Exclusive Interview: UNDEAD star Mungo McKay


Mungo Mckay took a minute to sit down and answer a few questions in an interview with us about the film he is starring in Undead that has gotten a pile of recognition. With that let us get right into the interview...

What is this film about in a paragraph or less.

Undead is an action, adventure, horror, science fiction, darkly humorous homage to all the classic zombie films. The only thing it does not have is a love interest (thank goodness) Marion does have an interest in his guns though.

Tell us in detail about your character in this film, and your role in it

Marion had a profoundly life changing experience when he was abducted by aliens - He?s not what he seems to be and far from the way he was. Everyone he loved and knew shunned him into isolation branding him the town loony. Still water runs deep. Subconsciously he knows something bad is about to happen. He prepares for the worst. Marion is a reluctant hero. He was ready to ride out the storm when he gets tangled up with a group of outside survivors. And I think he?s the only sane member of a dysfunctional group of nut bags.   

What films and actors have inspired you as an actor?

I like Deniro and Pacino?s earlier work as they were forging careers. They had a certain youthful enthusiasm behind their characters. They both have a great level of comfort with the characters they play, and that makes it a lot easier to forget they?re actually acting.

Did you ever turn down a role?

Yes I have.

When did you get into acting ? Did you always plan to become an actor or did you fall into it?

I used to be a projectionist for an independent cinema screening local and foreign art house films. At the opening night party for a local feature, the wife of an Australian acting legend said that if I wanted to, I should get an agent and get in front of the camera. I got an agent and not long after that I got work as an extra on Fortress. You can see me in one of the prison construction site scenes. I?m the dude with his back to the camera operating a jack hammer. They cut the power to it during the dialogue. I think they used the last take. It?s the one with the dudes back to camera, struggling to make a heavy jack hammer look like its working.

What was your first film or job in the film industry?

My first ever job in the film industry, I wagged (or cut) a day from school to get work experience as part of a film crew. These old guys worked for the Government Department of Primary Industry in the film information unit. They used 16mm film cameras to shoot interviews. It blew my illusion of filming something. When you watch a "making of" on tv it only takes an hour or a half hour to relive behind the scenes. When you do it, it takes all day to get a few seconds. I was interested but bored shitless at the same time.

Do you have an official fan site?

No I don?t have a "fan site" as such, but I have a website with some photos and stuff. www.mungomckay.com

What is your favorite role you have played in any film?

I've got a few favorites but I would have to say Marion from Undead. I got to do lots of cool stuff.

What is your favorite film?

I?ve got lots of favorites from all types of genres. Maybe the original Star Wars. When I was a kid it was certainly one of my most watched films.

What are your final thoughts on this film as a film overall, will it appeal to the zombie genre audience?

I sure hope so. I think that a lot of anticipation or hype about a film can ultimately lead to a deflating experience once viewed. Comparatively, Undead looks like a fairly big budget film for what it cost to make, which to me is inspirational in itself - quite a lot was achieved with extremely limited resources. The characters are over the top and the general feel of the film is surreal, almost if I could say, "Australian Manga". Undead is riddled with (zombie) tongue-in-cheek humor but I think there?s enough gore in it to please the hard core horror fans.

Is there anything you would like to add?

If you can you should get the big screen experience for some of the effects shots in the film. It?ll be going theatrical in North America and Canada later in the year, with DVD release after that. Might see you there!

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