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I wanted to muse a bit about the Shaun of the Dead movie and dvd. I saw this movie after one of our members who was in the movie told me about it. I have seen alot of zombie movies and I have to say that Shaun of the Dead is the only movie that comes close to touching the masterfull work of George Romero. Shaun of the Dead is one of those movies that comes across so rarely that if you do not see it you really end up kicking yourself in the ass.

The movie itself hits on the basic principals that everyone needs to think about when making a movie. Their are many people pumping out zombie movies trying to emulate George Romero but Shaun of the Dead does something that no others do. It not only hits on what Romero does so right, but it brings in a new genre of classic humor that guys and gals can appreciate. The story evolves around two characters Shaun and Ed that within 10 minutes of the movie you are fully involved with. Very few movies in 10 minutes can have you wrapped up in the main characters, as well as chuckling to yourself.

Shaun of the Dead is in my books THE movie of the year when it comes to comedic horror. Nothing else comes close to touching it, not even my beloved Bubba Ho-tep ( which you also must see, Bruce Campbell does a stellar job ). I dont know whether it is a stand up script, or the excellent acting in Shaun of the Dead or the direction. This movie hits a 10/10 in all three of those categories. Most importantly for those who are zombie fanatics this movie plays on our love for Romero and his work, and also throws in some comedy for those who were not huge fans of 28 days later. Those who have seen this movie will know what I am talking about.

The movie is multi-layered, meaning that to feel the full effect of this movie you need to watch it a minimum of three times, at which point you really begin to respect the writing, the acting and the humor. It is not just slap stick "look at me" humor, it is well thought out and well developed. From the opening scene of people going about their daily life like zombies, to the scenes of zombies going about like regular folks might, the similarities are deliberate and comedic. Any film maker looking to touch on the fine work of George Romero needs to first watch a Romero Zombie film, and then sit down and watch Shaun of the Dead. You will not only enjoy the experience, but more importantly you will see how true masters do their work.

As an overall rating I give shaun of the dead a 10 out of 10 on all factors. This is the first movie I can say that deserves this rating. The fact they pay hommage to the master George Romero, well putting their own touches on the film make this movie stand head and shoulders above everything. This is not your typical canned remake or re-telling of one of Romeros or Fulcis works, this is a movie on its own that brings new life to the zombie genre.

One final point that is a bit off topic is Dead and Breakfast, I saw a screening of this movie and I have to tell you that this is a movie that could easily make a run to rival Shaun of the Dead. It is not quite as good, but is one of those gems that few get the chance to see. I have high hopes that a company like UNIVERSAL which has brought us the Dawn of the Dead Remake, Shaun of the Dead, and the forthcoming Land of the Dead will bring Dead and Breakfast to the mainstream. Good movies are hard to find and when you do find them you have to share that knowledge. This is me telling you Shaun of the Dead is one of them. Run, crawl,  slither and drool your way out and rent or purchase this dvd, you have it from me you will NOT be dissapointed. Shaun of the Dead, worth every shilling. I cant say if a sequel will come or not but keep your eye out for the talented team behind this movie, their name alone is enough to get my ass into the theatres!

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