Paul Pritchards Kill Bill Volume 2 Review

The Brideís roaring rampage of revenge comes to a conclusion in this, the second installment of Quentin Tarantinoís Kill Bill.

While the first film was very much a samurai film that wore itís Asian influences on its sleeve, Volume 2 is much more of a western - and a spaghetti western at that. As such, the set pieces are both shorter and much less spectacular than those of the first film, but Volume 2 more than makes up fior this in terms of both dialogue and characterisation.

The final scenes in which The Bride finally meets Bill are both moving and powerful. But before that, we meet - and see the demise of - both the drunken loser that is Budd and the strangely honorable poisoner, Elle.

There is also much entertainment to be had from The Brideís tutelage under kung-fu master Pai Mei.

As with Volume 1, Kill Bill: Volume 2 is a great film that manages to hold your attention even though the plot is completely lacking in twists, but I canít help feeling that Kill Bill would have been even better if it hadnít been split into two parts.

Paul Pritchard

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