Why is credit and blame so limited on films?

I have noticed a trend that it seems as of late that all the credit for a good movie has to go to the stars, or the big names attached to the film. When a film fails it also seems to always fall on the same shoulders. What I wonder is why do the talented crews that work on films not get more credit? A good movie requires great actors, but the last few years our films have relied more and more on special effects, where are the big kudos for the people that do this work? Where is the outpouring of respect for the writers that write these great films? Are they really a dime a dozen? Then why do we as fans treat them that way? I mean sure their is Oscar day, but shouldnt the people behind the camera get their dues every day. not just one day?

The people behind the camera who you dont see are just as important as those in front of the camera. Case and point Dawn of the Dead 2004. That movie had Zack Snyder directing and a quality list of actors that have great talent and brought the film together. I am a huge fan of Vhing Rhames and Sarah Polley and seeing them in the Dawn of the Dead 2004 made my year. It seemed that Zack sat down and put together a cast based on talent and not "star power". IE, build a cast that helps the script, not one that puts a mainstream audience in the seats. James Gunn wrote a great script and it came across to me that Zack realized he had a great script and built a great team around that script and its requirements. Of course lets not stop giving credit to Zack, his direction of this film was some of the best direction in a Horror/Zombie movie I have seen. Second to only George Romero, who will never be un-seated by anyone.. sorry.

Keep in mind now this is an outside perspective looking in. I am not involved in the film at all, and for all I know they could have pulled straws in putting together the team, but this is my take on how I think it happened. Anyone is welcome to email me some feedback.

Now here is my beef, you hear very little about the insanely talented people that worked on the special effects, the editing and all the other bits that made this film as good as it was. I mean what would this zombie film have been without the talented team at mr. X. Inc doing special effects? Anyone even know who they are ? I didnt until i asked my friend. See where I am coming from? We always get excited about a great movie and lump all the praise on one or two people when in fact it is hundreds of people behind the camera that make our great films, great! I wish that we could somehow change this

With that lets play devils advocate. When a film bombs why is it the director or the star gets blamed? I can not stand to see a director or star blamed for the downfall of a movie. Why is it a directors fault that a sequel did not do as well? All they did was direct it, they didnt edit it, they didnt write it in most cases, and they typically had very little production control. So why is it the blame game falls on them? Or even the stars. Just because Bruce Campbell does one bad movie, does that make him a bad actor? ( Just an example Bruce Campbell is KING in my books, yes I am a fanboy. )

Sometimes it is quite comical. You will have a movie that doesnt do well because the special effects are considered cheesy and somehow the star or director is hung from the roof for this fact. What on earth does this have to do with a director? Its different if its the director/producer or actor/producer where they actually have control over the film, but when the director is just doing that, directing why are we blaming them? Thats like blaming the star of the movie for a bad snack tray for between shots. Dont like those crackers? Well damnit kill the star! Lets all get Ben Affleck, these pickles suck. See where I am coming from?

I guess my thing is I love movies, I like talking with people that make them and it always hurts me to see a director or a writer, or a star getting put through the blender because of one movie. Its different if a director comes out and starts attacking fans, and being all nasty, then they made their bed and must sleep in it. But why are people labelling directors, and stars just because they had one film that didnt have mainstream acceptance? I have to give alot of credit to people in the business. They must have skin like alligators to deal with all the crap that goes on.

On a closing note the reason I chose to talk about Dawn of the Dead 2004 is because when i got up this morning for some reason it popped into my head. You can replace it with any movie and do my speech all over and make the exact same points. Hopefully you see my thinking and can understand where I am coming from. Why is there a need to blame the front man? Why is there no need to give more credit to the little folks working on films? As fans we need to change this!

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Note: Thanks to JustifiedRevenge for helping me with this article.

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