Day of the Dead Contagium: Bub Masks and other Goodies!

I was informed by Jim Dudelson that a deal has been made with the people over at for Day of the dead, and Day of the Dead:Contagium T-shirts and merchandise, and as part of the deal RottenCotton will take a full page in Fangoria.

This merchandise will be available at the official site eventually.More info will be coming.

 There are also talks with a costume company (not yet named) for  high quality Bub masks, and Dr.Tongue, etc, etc .. but as of the moment there are not many details to inform you of , aside from the fact, that this company, as part of the deal will also run a full page ad in Fangoria.
The "Behind the Scenes" section of will be available in short order, just waiting on a bit more content from the CGI staff and the new addition to the site will be launched.   It will mainly cover one of the make up artists,Greg McDougall, a former Instructor at Tom Savinis School in Pittsburgh, he's also worked on films such as "theMask II" and "Seeds of Chucky". We'll take a look at his approach to creating the Zombies for DOTD:C, with some very interesting images.Tis new section will also cover Geoff Mark, CGI (VFX) developer, of WellsMark Media, whose work has been seen in titles such as:"Bubba-Hotep","Imposter", "Babylon5"(television), "American wedding".
 There will also be a 3 minute streaming video of cast and crew behind the scenes.   Again, some content is still in the production phase but as soon as its ready the new section will be launched.
Editors Note: Thanks to the folks at Day of the Dead Contagium for keeping us in on the loop on what is going on. Be sure to check out our Day of the Dead Contagium section for ALL of the latest info, pics and more on this film. You can also discuss this on the already going discussion here, /phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=876
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