Kevin Bacon talks The Woodsman

In "The Woodsman" Kevin Bacon portrays Walter, a child molester, who after twelve years in prison, moves into a small apartment across the street from an elementary school, gets a job at a lumberyard, and mostly keeps to himself. Trying to begin a new life. Also Bacon's wife, Kyra Sedgwick, stars in this movie.

Starring in a movie with such story isn't an easy task. Especially when you got children, who see their parents in such a movie, and seeing your father portraying a convicted sex-offender.

In an interview with The Associated Press about what they told their 15year old son and their 12 year old daughter, Kevin Bacon said:

"We said, 'Mom and Dad are going to do this movie, this is what it's about, this is who we're playing, and we just wanted you guys to be aware of it"'

"I told them, 'It's not a movie where you're going to see any bad things happen to children,' which is something that I also feel like we should put out there in the public, as well. It's dangerous subject matter, but it's not a gratuitous, sensationalized film."

But allthough the theme of the movie isn't every actors first choice, Bacon never had problems with the fact of playing the role of Walter, or fears about his image:

"I don't have hesitation surrounding me and my image, my persona. That doesn't apply to me in my life. I'll play anything. I've played a lot of bad guys, people who have done a lot of bad things."

"The Woodsman", based on Steven Fechter's play of the same name, is an unnerving, ultimately hopeful portrait of compulsion and hard-won redemption.

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Source: CNN

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