Backseat Quarterback: Land of the Dead

Lots of backseat quarter backing on the Land of the Dead movie and I figured I would pull out my soapbox and do my "rant". Land of the Dead is lined up to be the zombie movie of this generation, for one simple reason, George Romero. I know their are lots of rumors circulating around a zillion sites about it will rock, it wont be any goood, etc. But the point here is its George Romero. George has always delivered on Zombie movies, and lets not forget he is being backed by UNIVERSAL.

Universal has delivered nothing but good stuff with Shaun of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead 2004. The team at Universal know a good horror zombie flick, when they see one, and have come through 100%. So why are we doubting Land of the Dead? I am still waiting to hear UNIVERSAL is going to bring us Dead and Breakfast ( I can dream cant I? )

Land of the Dead has one thing that Dawn of the Dead 2004 and Shaun of the Dead did not have, George Romero. Both were good movies, but they lacked Mr. Romero. Call me a fanboy if you like and I will proudly wear that nametag. George Romero is a master of horror and more importantly of zombie movies.

We will not have to wait long, the day for Land of the Dead is quickly approaching. I will myself be sitting in the theatre opening night and taking as many people with me as possible. Rent a bus you ask? Why not! The more people that see Land of the Dead the better. Lets show Universal and Romero that we support their work by spending our dollars with them! What do you think? Do you have ideas on how we can as fans promote this film, and get people into the seats in theatres? post them here

It is very rare I get this excited over a movie, and Land of the Dead in my books is the movie I have been waiting for, for a long time.

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