See Land of the Dead for free. No Hitches!

I am one of the biggest fans of Romero's work and I have been thinking really long and hard about how I can do my part to promote this film and make sure that I help it blow through the box office. So I am looking to buy 50-100 tickets for Land of the Dead to let folks go and see the movie on me. Now obviously I am not going to make some sort of earth shattering impact, but I will feel that I have done my part.

Right now I am trying to figure out locations where I should buy batches of tickets, and then give them out to people in that area to go and see the movie absolutely free. I am by no means rich, but since this movie is only going to come once, I want to do my bit to get your asses into the seats. After it is all said and done my re-payment will be knowing that I did my absolute best to help make this film a smash hit. So do you like? You can show your interest, as well as suggest locations, right here There is a fair bit of planning involved here, and if people want to help organize it, then please speak up at the link above. I would like to have a person in each location who can handle tickets, and make sure that people make it out.

We have till October 2005 to make Land of the Dead THE zombie smash hit of our generation, lets do it!


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