Is mainstream going Indie?

Anyone else feel that mainstream media is now seeing the value of some of the cult and indie classics? Over the last year I know that myself I have found myself more and more attracted to these films. Typically right after I discover it, it is picked up by a big distributor and we really get to enjoy the film.

Case and point Shaun of the Dead. Great film I heard about here, that I got to see in theatres thanks to Universal. It seems that the mainstream audiences and mainstream movie companies are picking up on the great indie films and classic cult films and taking chances. Lions Gate in my books has pretty much defined themselves this last year with great films that were well below the radar but blew people away, for example SAW.

For so long many of us had to sit in our living rooms to appreciate great directors and talents like George Romero, and Sam Raimi, but now they are getting major dues and are being tossed into theatres. George with Land of the Dead and Sam Raimi of course wiht his major works in Spider Man. Is this a new trend? Or am I missing the boat entirely, and just never noticed this before?

With so many indie movies going mainstream it is a great thing for film makers and audiences alike. I respect the fact that companies like Universal and Lions Gate see the value in films like SAW and Shuan of the Dead, and are willing to take a risk and bring it to us. I think in turn its great that we are fans get to truly appreciate these films and thank these big studios by throwing ourselves into theatre seats.

Whether this new trend is here to stay or not I am pleased. I am enjoying the great films, and the fact that they are not all candy coated pg13 action adventures. I am sure I can not possibly be alone. On a completely un-related (ok possibly some-what related) note I also respect how George Romero, Sam Raimi, and others of their like continue to include people they worked with in the beginning. More importantly that they also remain open and friendly with fan sites like this one. This is a great new trend in the movie world and I am really pleased about it.

In closing who is going to step up and pick up Dead & Breakfast and toss it into theatres? Shaun of the Dead did so well their is no question Dead & Breakfast will as well... so.... whos gonna take it? :)



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