Manuel Antonio Gomez talks All is Lost - The Zombie Saga

Our colleague A.J. from Undead Films had the chance to make an interview with the writer/director of the Indie Zombiemovie "All is Lost - The Zombie Saga", Manuel Antonio Gomez. His movie is currently in pre-production.

Here's a few clips:

AJ: First off what would you say your cinematic influences were when you got the idea to do a zombie film?

MG: Well zombies have always been my favorite horror branch, I think that alot of people like zombies but have no REAL clue about them, I figured that George A.Romero, and Luchiano Films got me closeley interested in the Sceme of things, After all these films meant more to me about the Message that they portrayed, ya know all of us slowley turning into Zombies.The whole Carnality of the idea of eating fleash terrified me. Also Really bad movies have influenced me Because after working at a video store for long you cant help but watch them, after watching some of these ,what I like to call "Atrocities to god" (or bad horror films) I rolled up my sleeves and said "I know I can Do better".

AJ: What 3 films do you think are the best products of the Zombie SubGenre?


  1. "Serpent and the Rainbow"
  2. "The Return of the Living Dead"
  3. "Re-Animator"
  4. "Return of the Living Dead 3"

AJ: Many say that Romero's films have shaped the zombie genre, do you believe that as do I?

MG: Well' invented it is more like it, i think that indeed he has shaped the Zombie Genre, but more importantly he.....

You can read the whole interview here.

The Year is 2007, A few years ago , a rash of killings in a small town, turned into a world wide disaster, the dead were coming back to life, they would bite or kill thier victim's and eat thier flesh, and no one knew how to stop them or where they came from,the goverment saw the problem getting out of control, and took action, nuclear action.....

Source: Undead Films

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