White Noise hits Theatres Tomorrow!

I have not been following this movie as much as I should be, but i gotta tell you having seen some recent trailers this movie needs to be on your list of flicks to see.

The 'White Noise' of the title refers to a phenomenon known as EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Listen carefully, believers will tell you, and in amidst the white noise of a detuned radio you might hear voices...and in amidst the white noise of a detuned television, you might see faces. These, they'll tell you, are the voices and faces of the dead.

The movie stars Michael Keaton ( Batman himself ) and from what I have seen this movie looks pretty damn creepy. So drag your ass away from your tv's and get yourself to the theatre and be sure to let us know how it is. scoops@moviesonline.ca

Source: Movie Calendar

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