Survivalist reviews Stink of Flesh

when i got a working dvd player this is the first movie i had to put on. this was a great movie, i mean for a low budget flick it was pretty damn twisted. right from the start the movie gives you a decent amount of zombie killing.

the story is good though a little thin at times, and the ending pissed me off the first time, so i watched it a second time immediately afterwards and it all made perfect sense to me then. great ending, sick and but surprising.

the acting is pretty good also for what im guessing are new actors, the hero "matool" kicks much ass and will probably inspire some new ideas in RPG fans in games like A.F.M.B.E.

and the scene valkyrie was speaking of was hilarious. there were a few scenes which stand out because you see these people as REAL people sometimes scheming to get what they want instead of being the noble distant hero.specifically a scene where matool saves this really cute redhead (who should have had more screen time imo) from being attacked only to put a move on her when they are safe hehe.

the only real complaint i could have about the film is the sound. it really needs to be mixed better,i had a hard time hearing the people talking so id turn up the volume then the music would pop on and be blasting. i would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in a slightly twisted take on a post zombie apocalypse world.

best line of the movie: red haired girl: we ran out of gas, we were trying to drive out of town and we ran out of gas and those things came out of nowhere...

creepy old man: well thats what you get when you go for a sunday drive in a world full of flesh eating corpses.
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