Michael Keaton Delivers : White Noise Review

Batman and Beetlejuice had something in common (besides the genius of Tim Burton), and that was Michael Keaton. The guy is a genius. Sure, he had lots of misses in his career, but he's great. And he's back with horror movie that delivers. It's good.

The trailer for White Noise was good, it explained what E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomena) was and showed a few of the scares in the movie (via E.V.P. examples), but other than that, there was nothing about the actual story in the movie, and that was great, cause we go into the movie eager to learn about E.V.P., and what's Michael Keaton doing with it.

Keaton's wife dies, and starts communicating with him via E.V.P., and at the same time and using the same medium, she shows him scenes from other crimes so he can stop them and help.
I have admit though, that I didn't understand lots of stuff, specifically about the ghosts, since they didn't have anything to do with the crimes, and the ending doesn't explain it.

People are comparing it to Kevin Costner's Dragonfly, and yeah, it's a good comparison, but the E.V.P. makes it more interesting. Also, I'd like to name The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake a few years ago, which I loved, mostly because it just kept me electrified the whole running time, and White Noise, despite a few scenes of Keaton just staring at the static in the TV, works in the same way.

Overall, the story works, it keeps you watching the whole time, the E.V.P. stuff is scary, and Keaton rules, which adds up to a good, worth seeing movie.

Review by Hakeem

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