Polar Express Review, it does not deliver!

I wasn't waiting for this movie to come, and after watching it, I was right, the movie is no good.

The animation is the worse, not good at all compared to Pixar, Dreamworks and ILM. The characters looked creepy, specially the little black girl and the nerdy boy who was extremely annoying btw. I also didn't like a lot of very unrealistic situations like kids walking at the top of a speeding train in they pajamas?. First of all, it was freezing, and second, they would've been thrown off the train by the wind going at that speed. There were more situations like these that didn't work.

The story was too much for kids, believing in Santa Clause and all that, and it's ok to do these movies, but there have been already many great Christmas movies for kids (Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street) which are masterpieces compared to this. Also, I felt like Santa played very little part of the story considering that the whole story consisted in not believing in him. He should've been there a lot more.

The score was ok, but I felt it was pushing the whole believing situations a lot. The melody shown in the commercials is heard every time something 'magical' happened. It got boring after a few times.

Tom Hanks portrays almost all the characters: the kid, the father, the train conductor, the hobo, Santa, and a few more, and he's good. You can spot all the trademark Tom Hanks face expressions he always does.

The little black girl was Nona Gaye, she was ok, and again, the nerdy boy was some actor called Eddie Deezen and his voice was horrible. Really annoying.

For some reason, because I pretty much love the songs in all movies, I didn't like these. Pretty disappointed with it, maybe it was because of the repetitive score but I don't know, didn't like it.

All in all, kids will like it, I can see that happening, though with The Incredibles out right now and that one being a far better, almost perfect movie (animated or not), I don't think The Polar Express will catch much attention.

Review by Hakeem

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