Chris Kentis Open Water Movie Review!

Have you seen all the great reviews this movie's been getting? All those one line praises from the most famous movie critics? Well, they're crap. This movie is a total disappointment.

I've been waiting for it since I first heard about it and then the "It's like Blair Witch Project in the water!" comments made me naming it a 'Must See Movie' this summer. Now that I've seen it, I'll probably wont see it again.
There are strong Spoilers so don't read if you plan to see it. You shouldn't run to see it though.

The movie starts with a camera that makes the film look like a cheap porn, and the dialogue between the couple (Blanchard Ryan & Daniel Travis) is taken out of a porn movie too. It's bad.
They decide to go on vacation cause they haven't had one in a long time, specially with all the work that Blanchard's character Susan has. And so they go, where? Who knows.

When they first got there, one of the high points of the movie happens, Susan is completely naked in bed. We see her naked from head to toes, so now at this point I thought this was going to be better than I expected: Sharks eating divers AND full nudity? Awesome. Too bad there aren't any sharks eating divers.

Yep, it sucks, all we see are sharks swimming around them, and there's only one bite, but we don't even get to see it. We just see a very good shot at the leg after it happens.

Ok, so no sharks eating divers, at least there are some pretty good scares right? Nope, there aren't any of those either. Again, just shots of sharks swimming around them and that's it.

But since they're in the water alone for a long time, the conversations must've result in good dialogue. Nah, no good talk. All they do is fight and blame each other for being there.


So the movie really sucked for me. It was really boring at times, and the ending sucked too.
This movie is supposed to be based on a true story. And I read an interview where the filmmakers say they changed the place (though they just don't name it) and the names.
At the end of the movie, Daniel Travis' Daniel dies because of that shark bite, and Susan drowns herself in the water after seeing a big bunch of sharks around her and seeing as she's been there for 24 hours, and nobody rescued her, she just lets herself die.
Too bad, cause just a few minutes before that we see the coast guard starting a huge search for them. She should've wait.

While the credits roll, we see fishers cutting sharks open, It's a normal thing for us, but it really shows us see that we are the real monsters, not them.

Oh, one thing, since they both died, who the fuck told the story??? I guess it's just another case of The Perfect Storm.

Review by Hakeem
MoviesOnline Critic

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