Brian Keene's The Rutting now Available

Brian Keene's The Rutting Season is now available for pre-order. This is a signed limited editon hardback novella of only 400 copies. Cover art and illustrations by Caniglia. Something strange is happening deep in the heart of LeHorn's Hollow. When up-and-coming novelist Adam Senft, and his faithful dog Big Steve, stumble across the secret, it plunges them, and their entire small town, into an ancient nightmare. Eerie, musical piping is heard late at night outside the windows, and mysterious fires have been sighted deep inside the woods. Women are vanishing overnight, leaving behind their husbands and families. And all of it leads to the center of LeHorn's Hollow, where a child of Pan awaits...Click HERE to pre-order.

City of the Dead—sequel to The Rising (Delirium Books—hardcover): January 2005
Terminal (Bantam/Random House—paperback): July 2005
City of the Dead—sequel to The Rising (Leisure—paperback): July 2005
Earthworm Gods (Delirium Books—hardcover): August 2005
The Rutting Season (Bloodletting Books—hardcover): Fall 2005
The Rising: Selected Scenes From The End of the World (Delirium Books—Lettered Hardcover): October 2005
The Rising Motion Picture and Video Game—in development
Fodder Motion Picture—in development

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