War of the worlds Aliens Concept Art

Giddyup, it would seem that some concept art for the potential aliens in the War of the Worlds remake has made its way online. One of the pics you can see below. For more war of the world photos head to our gallery

War of the Worlds 2004 is a new film based on H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, has been put on a fast track for production,

War of the Worlds, which will feature complex computer-generated visual effects, has been put on a very fast track, with only 10 weeks of preproduction, the trade paper reported. DreamWorks and Paramount are co-financing the movie. Sources told the trade paper that the budget for the film could exceed $100 million.

War of the Worlds, a contemporary adaptation of Wells' classic Mars invasion novel, will have to be rushed to make its November start date and a 2005 release. David Koepp wrote the script; Kathleen Kennedy and Paula Wagner will produce, the trade paper reported

The concept art originated from www.martinmercer.com who has a very impressive portfolio. Go and check it out

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