R is for Rejects

After Rob Zombies' first movie, House of 1000 Corpses, got somewhat butchered by the MPAA, Zombie tried to reach the R rating in his first cut of the sequel film. The good news is that Devil's Rejects has an R rating. The bad news: The R rating was given to a cut version of the film.

Lion's Gate was relieved and surprised at the branding of the Rejects with an R rating. Information on the cut pieces will be distributed on a later date, and will be on Moviesonline, as fast as it takes a chainsaw to go through skin.

Rejects focuses on the aftermath of the first movie, as the Firefly gang is hunted, by bounty hunters and Sheriff Wydell's brother. The infamous house is burnt down and bodies upon bodies are found, nearing close to 1000, give or take a few bodies.

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