New Indie Horror Film - Witches Night

In the realm of horror, I have to say some of the the best looking horror films that are coming our way are either "Indie" or "Foreign" - and that's why I love my job, cause I would'nt of discovered half of these films we've been bringing you on my own.

Witches Night looks to be one that we may have to keep our eye on my friends, plus it claims to be a throwback to the horror classics of the 70's - so it has to be good.. right?

Well, here's the synopsis of the film; Four guys. A long-delayed canoe trip. A beautiful, pristine forest. Lots of beer. Sounds like the perfect getaway weekend...until the crazy old woman appears on the riverbank. The guys stumble across a ritually mutilated buck. And they just can't seem to shake the feeling that they're being watched.

"Witches Night is a fun, smart horror film for adults. The film is a throwback to the horror classics of the 1970's, and features many of the same elements: well-rounded characters, titillating sexual scenarios, an indelible villain, and a plot that builds slowly and inexorably toward a deeply disturbing and unforgettable conclusion."

Any film that can use the words "titillating sexual scenarios" in a sentence has my attention. All those interested.. raise your hand (raises hand). Ok, you can put them down and now click here for the official site, and click here to watch the teaser trailer.

Source: Official Site

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