Pauls Quick Van Helsing Review

19th Century Catholic monster hunter, Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) is sent on his most dangerous assignment yet - to kill Dracula before he can kill the last surviving member of the Valerious family, Anna (Kate Beckinsale).

Van Helsing is a big dumb action movie. And, like most - if not all - big dumb action movies, it suffers from an over emphasis on action, poor plotting - there are holes in the filmís plot that you could drive a truck through - and a lack of space for the actors to do anything - like acting - that might slow down the pace of the film.

But itís also a lot of fun.

David Wenham, as Carl the Q-alike inventive brother, holds his own against the overwhelming onslaught of CGI and manages to create an entertaining character in his own right. Kudos, also, to Shuler Hensley who manages to invest an emotional depth to Frankensteinís Monster thatís lacking elsewhere in the film.

The special effects are, of course (this being a Stephen Sommers film), both overwhelming and spectacular. It would be easy to knock this as nothing more than a pile of CGI, but to do so would miss the point of Van Helsing.

Itís an effects heavy, plot light visual spectacle and, on a Friday evening after a long week, this is as much as I want to see.

Paul Pritchard

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