David Yates Directing Harry Potter 5!

David Yates is set to direct the fifth Harry Potter film according to a film London interview. Here's a snippet of it:

Do you have any formal film qualifications?
I trained at the National Film and Television School, but for a number of years before starting at the school I’d been making films and videos in my spare time – in fact I started when I was 14 years old with a little super 8mm camera that my mum bought me. It was around that time I saw Jaws in the cinema and that completely inspired me to want to direct. I grew up in St.Helens on Merseyside, had no idea how you became a director, but just got on and did my own thing, hauling in friends and family to star in the little films I made. And I just kept at it. And as important as film school was as I developed as a filmmaker, there is no better way than just getting on and doing it – even if what you are doing might be no budget films and videos, you are still having a go at developing your craft.

Did you always want to be a director?
Yes, from pretty early on. Everyone thought I was a bit mad, quite rightly, but I just couldn’t get that ambition out of my head. 

Read the rest here: Clickey

Someone who comes from where I come from, cool, but anyway, the next Harry Potter film is based on the fifth book, the Order of the Phoenix. Again this is going to follow Harry Potter, famous young magician, as he goes through the trials and tribulations of his life.

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