Deadman's Toys - ToyFest 2005

I've already brought you one update from McFarlanes ToyFest 2005 (here) and now I have another one. No pictures have been revealed, as of yet, but I do want to bring you the latest news that I think you might be interested in.

Alien Vs Predator 2 - The full lineup has been revealed for the second addition to the series. Here is a list of the following figures we'll be seeing next: Alien Attacks Predator, Celtic Predator Thows Alien, Alien Queen and Predator 1, Alien Queen and Predator 2, and Birth of the Hybrid Boxed Set.

The Corpse Bride - Here is the latest on what type of "Corpse Bride" toys we can expect McFarlane Toys to produce: Corpse Bride 3 inch figures, Corpse Bride Action Figures, Bean Dolls, Big Head Plush, Bobble Heads, Fashion Dolls, and Corpse Bride Jumbo Plush.


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