Simon Pegg talks Hot Fuzz movie !

Our colleagues from IGN had the chance to talk to Simon Pegg about the upcoming movie from the "Shaun of the Dead" inventors. The title of their next film is "Hot Fuzz". And it will be an Acttion/Comedy movie.

"We're trying to tell the story of a policeman from the metropolitan police who gets involved in some crazy stuff. It should be quite fun because we're dealing with a culture that doesn't really have guns and the police aren't really armed. So that should be fun trying make an action movie out of that. At the moment a lot is up in the air. I can't be really more specific than that."

"We've just been trying to find the time to sit down and get it together," says Pegg. "We've got lots of ideas. We've made a little bit of real progress already. Actually, we've been hingin' out with the police over here, just sort of researching. We've been going out on patrol and touring loads of police stations and talking to both the cops and criminals; between the altercations. That's all been very interesting. That's the research work we've done so far on the new film."

You can read the whole interview here.

Simon Pegg also quoted a joke from Robin Williams:

"There's that great Robin Williams joke about the British police.", he says. "Stop or I'll shout stuff again!"

The script is not finished yet, but it looks like the movie will come to cinemas from England to Amerika much faster than "Shaun of the Dead" did.

THX to Chris Knight for sending us this scoop !

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