Prom Night Remake

I remember seeing the orginal Prom Night when it came out in theaters in 1980, the film basically was about four high school friends on prom night who are being stalked by a masked maniac seeking revenge for a death that occurred six years earlier.  Now fast forward 25 years and looks who's being asked out to the prom again.  

Here's the latest on what Dread Central was able to dig up about the Prom Night remake:

"Susco couldn't divulge many details on his take on the redux but a script has been completed and turned in to Columbia. "I can tell you that our version is more 'supernatural' than the original... And much scarier, in my opinion," he tells us with a smile. Prom Night is close to locking a director with an announcement being made soon."

I wonder if Jamie Lee Curtis is going to make a cameo in the remake.  It would be cool if she does.

Source: Dread Central

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