Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat

David Allen, the producer of the orginal film (Dog Soldiers) recently sat down with Sci Fi Wire and discussed the sequel - "Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat."  Here's an excerpt of what he had to say:

"In the first film, it was a family who were the werewolves," Allen said."In this one, it's an actual team of werewolves who are true military men. So even though they are now werewolves, they act like a trained military unit."

In Fresh Meat, Pvt. Laurence Cooper, the sole survivor of the werewolf slaughter, is picked up by a team of American soldiers who are on maneuvers. Cooper's story of werewolves in the woods is met with skepticism until the soldiers return to the now-destroyed farmhouse and discover evidence that something strange indeed went on. They discover a soldier from Capt. Ryan's special ops team (who were mentioned in the first film, but never seen), who explains that his company was also slaughtered by werewolves and have "become the werewolves of the new movie,"

As of yet, no cast or director has been set, but Allen did say that he wanted the director to be British.  Allen also threw us a bone by saying Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat will released in December with a prequel and another sequel in the planning stages.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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