Cube 2 Hypercube Movie Review

Eight strangers awaken not in a cube of conventional, three-dimensional reality, but in a tesseract, or "hypercube."

The term, out of higher mathematics, describes the theoretical construct of "the four-dimensional analog of a cube." While the fourth dimension beyond length, width and depth is generally considered to be time, a hypercube posits a fourth spatial dimension.

Cube 2 was a very good movie. I liked it better than the first because it had more action, more horror and it showed parts of the outside world. Of course it was a little stupid, about the ending. But that's what probably happened in the first movie. Well... in the first. I got scared a little bit about "all in the middle in the night" and stuff.

And the sort of scary music. In cube 2, they have better music and more action. Only, it's very scary, and very twisted. I hope they make a cube three but have it even more twisted in a real life sort of way and have a bit of cube one in there. I give it a 9 out of ten

Review by Nick Gibbins


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