Slither - Hardcore With the Gore!

It seems like Jame Gunn is trying to put the "G" back in "Gore" and pass the MPAA with this directorial debut film "Slither".  In a recent chat with Fangoria Gunn was saying that if fans give this film a chance he's going to give us what we love, and what is that you say.  Read on:

"We’ve got people ripped open, cannibalism and multiple pet murders! And, in one especially touching and beautiful sequence, a woman becomes impregnated with the alien’s spawn, and is overcome by the uncontrollable desire to eat raw meat—beef, pork, beagle, human, it doesn’t matter. Her body keeps growing into a diseased, gangrenous womb, with thousands of parasitic liver-colored worms slithering beneath her thin skin. As our heroes get closer, the little creatures strain to get out as the woman screams in horrible agony and then, wham, she explodes, the lava flow of beasts bursting forth, struggling to get into their new hosts—us."

Sounds freakin wicked, but in this day and time we live in, if the MPAA has anything to say about it - we wont get the "hard core" version.  Maybe just a taste and will have to wait till dvd to see the unrated cut.  I hope he gets as much of his vision for the film on screen as possible - cause this is a horror film, it's suppose to be shocking, disturbing and yes, gory!

Once this film gets made, I'll be curious to see how much of it actually got cut.

Source: Dread Central

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