Take a Visit to the Set of Mortuary

One of Dread Centrals very own got a chance to visit the set of Tobe Hooper's newest horror film "Mortuary."  For those who might not know the story, Mortuary tell the tale of  "a mother and her two children who move across country to start a new business by renovating an old mortuary. Sheís new to the business and the house and grounds are a complete disaster due to years of neglect, but they try to make a new life for themselves. This being a Hooper film, you can guess that things donít go well. There are secrets within the old Fowler Funeral Home, secrets that refuse to stay buried.

One of those secrets is a legend of a deformed child born to the family that started the funeral home, the Fowlers. Itís said that Bobby was deformed and deranged, and was therefore locked into a cell in the attic for most of his life. With his family dead and gone, the legend says that he walks the grounds and cemetery at night, looking for victims to add to the dead of the mortuary."

This set report is an interesting and insightful read into the world of Tobe's newest film and I actually cant wait to read the next installment. 

You can read the full set report here.

Source: Dread Central

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