Lions Gate 2005 DVD Horror Schedule

Lions Gate recently sent Fangoria their list of upcoming horror movies that will be released on dvd. Here's a breakdown on what we can expect from them, and note, these dates are tenative.

April 5
Dead Doll 

April 12
Blood Trails

April 19
Stephen King's Riding the Bullet 

April 26
Black Gate 

May 17

May 24
Blood Trap 

June 7
Slaughterhouse Massacre

June 14
Dark Town

July 12
Stephen King's Desperation 

August 16
Three: Trilogy of Fear 

November 8
Three: Extremes 

Wow.. my dvd list has just been expanded.  I can't wait to get Infection/Premonition (part of the J-Horror series) as well as Three: Extremes.  Thank you Lions Gate!   If any titles, date or additions to the release schedule are made, you can bet we'll bring you the updates.

Source: Fangoria

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