Deadman's Toys - Cult Classics Series One

What do you get when you cross "The Crow", "Friday the 13th VIII: The New Blood", "American Psycho", and "Gremlins: The New Batch?"  Well you get NECA's new "Cult Classic Series One" - that's what you get.

Here's what NECA had to say about their newest toy line: 

"What happens when some of your favorite characters jump out of the screen and into the 3D world? No, I'm not talking about the plot for the Fat Albert movie, I'm talking about NECA/Reel Toy's first line of mixed movie characters, Cult Classics Series 1. 

Coming this Spring, look for Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, Jason from Friday the 13th: Part VII "The New Blood", Mohawk from Gremlins 2 :The New Batch, and last but not least, The Crow. Below is an ad we will be running in the leading toy publications, so keep your eyes open for it!"

Sweet!! I say.. Damn sweet!

Source: NECA

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