The Neighbor No. 13 - Twisted Violence

After viewing the trailer to this film, I have to say that it has an "Ichi: The Killer" vibe to it.. violence, violence, and more violence.  "Neighbor No. 13" is the debut film by Inoue Yasuo and stars Nakamura Shido, Oguri Shun, Yoshimura Yumi and Miike Takashi.  Yes, you read that right, Miike has a part in this film. 

"Neighbor No. 13" is the film adaptation of the manga comic titled "Rinjin 13" by Santa Inoue.  Here's what the movie is about:  "Like so much misery in life, it all starts with bullying at school. Juzo is pushed around by his classmate Akai, and one day everything gets horribly out of hand. Ten years later, Juzo has an apartment in the same block where Akai lives with his wife and son, and he finds work at the construction site where Akai is in charge. There too, he is the lowest in the pecking order and again the victim of bullying. Akai has long forgotten his victim of 10 years before, but then Juzo's alter ego appears on the scene, No. 13: an explosive bruiser who wants violent revenge."  

You can visit the website for "Neighbor No. 13", as well as view the trailer here.   This flim is scheduled to be released in Japan sometime in 2005.  Be sure to visit the gallery (here) for all of the lastest images from the film.

Source: Twitch and IFF


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