Army Of Darkness Classic

If you have not seen Army of Darkness you are seriously missing out. This is one of the best cult classic films ever. Directed by Sam Raimi before his Spiderman days Army of Darkness is pure goodness. The boomstick scene alone is reason to buy this movie.

Two Discs Of Mind-Blowing Mayhem From The Director Of THE EVIL DEAD And SPIDER-MAN! The one and only Bruce Campbell stars as Ash, a hapless housewares clerk time-warped back to the Dark Ages by the demonic power of the Necronomicon. Now armed with only a '73 Oldsmobile, his trusty chainsaw and a 12-gauge double-barreled S-Mart shotgun, our knuckleheaded hero must battle vicious she-bitches, a diabolical Evil Ash and the relentless hordes of the medieval dead in the most outrageously spectacular horror comedy every made. Get ready for some sugar, baby: This is ARMY OF DARKNESS - THE BOOMSTICK EDITION! By overwhelming fan demand, this groovy double-disc set presents the U.S. Theatrical Version complete with its notorious original ending and the Director's Cut with over 15 minutes of additional footage. There's also deleted scenes, a wild audio commentary with Bruce Campbell, writer/director Sam Raimi and co-writer Ivan Raimi, an exclusive featurette, storyboards and much more. So listen up, you primitive screwheads: This is ARMY OF DARKNESS like you've never seen it before! Includes an 8-Page Collector's Booklet with all-new liner notes by star Bruce Campbell

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