Lemony Snickets Movie Review

Lemony Snicket's is the not quite artistic wan-a-be of Harry Potter movie based on the children’s books. If not for the big budget, Jim Carrey, the great special effects from ILM and the creative parts from Lemony the writer I would say this was a terrible screen play. I did however enjoy the film.

Needless to say there were as many holes in the plot as an Iraqi dissident. The large budget includes Jim Carrey's twenty million plus paycheck, the CGI baby and many special effects for strange scenarios the kids get put into. Jim Carrey's performance is done well but you would really have to be obsessed with him to say it was a great Jim Carrey movie. He is cast for his extra ordinary expressions and wild mannerisms. He's just not that funny or evil or sinister.

The scene with the baby biting a table and hanging in the air is not a well trained mini actor. It is a fully CG set and one of the greatest CG human characters of all time. I never would have known if it were not for an article I read on it. The scenes in which the children must go through must have taken the effects department some time to create.

The holes are possibly intentional. We wouldn't want a money making hit to go without a place for a sequel. For one the biggest part of the children’s lives is their parents and their tragic demise. They struggle through the clues as well as a confused Count Olaf trying to kill them. But the revelation about what the clues mean never comes. Instead, a few sentences of the Narrator fills this great hole by saying that the children will find out eventually on their own.

More holes include Count Olaf, among other things, being run over by a train and still surviving. If you don't mind watching an old actor marry his 14 year old distant relative and Jim Carrey smack children then this movie will satisfy you this post holiday season.

Review by GraphixOne

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