Terror Train - Added to the Remake List

The remake to the 1980's horror classic, starring Jamie Lee Curtis is currently in the works.  It's being reported that:

"In conjunction with Maverick Films and Integrated Films and Management, Emmett/Furla Films, a wholly owned subsidiary of Family Room Entertainment Corporation, has announced that they are in final negotiations to acquire the rights to remake the 1980 horror classic, Terror Train. The original picture, which was directed by Roger Spottiswoode and starred Jamie Lee Curtis, follows a group of college coeds being terrorized by a masked killer during a New Year's Masquerade on a chartered train."

"Suspense on a train is a classic formula that's been relatively unexplored in recent years," said Andy Trapani and Steve Whitney of Integrated Films and Management. Mark Morgan of Maverick Films stated: "Maverick has been looking for the right picture to collaborate with EFF and Integrated for some time. We are excited to start with 'Terror Train' and believe this to be the first of many to come."

Suspense on a train, being a classic formula that's relatively been unexplored in recent years.. come on people.. what about "Under Seige 2: Dark Territory?"  That movie took place on a train, with Steven Seagal - Now that terrifying.

Source: Coming Soon


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