Man Thing - Gallery Now Online!

Pics to the upcoming "Man Thing" movie have finally made their way online.  Well I know we've already gotten teased with a pic or two.. but now we have 19 new pics for your viewing pleasure.

Angry conflicts arise between an oil tycoon developer and the Seminole Indians who are being pushed out of their ancestral homelands. When construction crewmembers start turning up dead, law enforcement immediately suspects the Seminoles.

But further investigation points to the swamp creature know as Man-Thing, a dangerous entity that feeds off human emotion and literally burns those who know fear.

Starring Matthew Le Nevez, Rachel Taylor, Jack Thompson, Rawiri Paratene, Patrick Thompson and Steve Bastoni, "Man Thing" will premiere first on the Sci Fi Channel on April 30, 2005, and then makes it way to dvd from there.  Lions Gate has not set an official release date for the dvd. 

Click here to view the photo gallery for "Man Thing."

Source: The Continuum

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