Star Wars Episode III - The Voice of General Grievous

The official Star Wars site has finally revealed "The Voice of General Grievous" in the upcoming film "Star Wars EPIII: Revenge of the Sith."  Long rumored was that Gary Oldman or John Rhys-Davies was going to be the voice of the droid general.. did those rumors turn out to be true?   Hmmm.. no.   Who is it then?  Well it's none other than Matthew Wood.  Is that a collective "Huh?" I'm hearing... don't worry, I said the same thing.

Here's what the official site said about the next great voice over:

"His implacable metallic skeleton gives him the aspect of a droid, but hidden inside the armored carapace is an unwholesome, living being. To remind viewers of this inner Grievous, his words are occasionally punctuated with a hard, wet hacking cough -- suggesting that Grievous is literally rotten to the core.

Providing the voice of Grievous is Matthew Wood, whose history with Star Wars has been mostly behind-the-scenes. Though Wood is an actor, his contribution to the prequel trilogy has been primarily as Supervising Sound Editor. His access to the Episode III production process may have given him a head's up that casting was underway for the part, but the use of a pseudonym ensured that insider status didn't factor into the selection process."

"In a three-hour recording session, Wood laid down all of Grievous lines. "He's definitely an evil character. He's the leader of the droid army, but not a droid. He feels things; he feels things extremely, I would say. It's a lot of yelling, and shouting out orders, so it had a lot of drill sergeant to it."

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