Exclusive: Day of the Dead Contagium Wraps Shooting!

A scooper was nice enough to drop us a line and let us know that Day of the Dead 2 has finished wrapping. This movie has had more controversy then you can shake a stick at. From the  fan site being shut down to the guy who ran the site walking off for "personal reasons". To be fair he is a member and friend of our site, so we are not touching that one. Anyrate seems the movie has been moving along and is now as of Sunday completed. Here is what our scooper says:

This last Sunday was the final day of shooting for Day of the Dead 2: Contagium.  Scenes to complete the movie were set-up and shot from about 11 am to 10 pm in Norwalk, CA. 

 Ana and Jim were both there putting the finishing touches to what looks to be a pretty complete and great effects movie.  The last zombie massacre scene was intense and filmed in the evening with tons of zombies and victims to boot!

I dont like how this movie has played out so far, putting Romero's name on the credits as the "writer". Throwing away the fan site, and other silly and insane things, but I still hold out hope that this movie MAY still hold water. Thanks to our scooper for letting us know how its going.

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